Top Arab Health Enthusiasts Showering Us With Their Routines, Tips And Tricks

You know when they say, healthy food means a healthy lifestyle? Well, is it all just about food? Or is it sometimes about our daily routine as well? We all know that these kind of statements are easier said then done. We keep on watching TED Talks, listening to podcasts, reading books about healthy routines and healthy food. Yet nothing changes, and our routine stays the same. In order to help with such confusions, we’ve got you covered with some of our top Arab health enthusiasts. We’ve collected some of their routines and tips for you, so scroll down and check out your top Arab health enthusiasts!

Farah Nofal

Now think about it, why not start our day like the amazing yoga teacher and instructor Farah Nofal, the founder of Yogi things. Nofal starts her day with a yoga session and most importantly, with an intention for the day. Setting an intention isn’t easy, but it’ll help you set a daily goal. Start fresh and set an intention!

Hassan Gabr

Hassan Gabr is one of Egypt’s best fitness coaches. He’s the founder of Gorilla Fit App and the Gorilla life. We can call him your go-to coach for whatever body and fitness goals you have. Here are also some of his tips on time management!

Rowana Badry

Rowana Badry is many great things in just one soul! She’s the wellness and health director at LA7 Gym, founder of Nourish, a fitness and professional coach, and also a specialist in fitness nutrition. What else do you need? For guidance to food and fitness, coach Rowana is your number one go-to regarding smoothies, food and more. Here are some of her healthy routine nutrition meals and smoothies!

The Immunity Booster and the morning detox

Heba Ali

The woman of power! One of the best coaches in the region, Heba Ali has helped so many people with their transformations. She’s an inspiration and a motivator when it comes to workouts and exercises! Quick side note, you can do her workouts wherever! Start your day with an exercise for a healthier life and a healthier routine!

Dr. Nourhan Kandil

Boost your immunity and ensure good health with Dr. Nourhan Kandil with some of her helpful tips below:

  • Apples are more effective than coffee at waking you up in the morning
  • Broccoli contains more vitamin C than an orange
  • Cilantro is good for digestion, and soothes headaches, coughs and nausea
  • Drink Matcha

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