Egyptian Nutritionist Fayrouz Eid Launches Her Platform ‘Well B’ For A Wholesome Mind, Body, And Soul Approach

Diet, diet and diet. This is the top suggestion we usually get. We’ve all been through this hassle, where we want to look good and be and feel healthy. Yet we can’t seem to, and several trials are still not right for us. We keep on trying and trying so many different things to the point where we reach a breaking and point and just follow the crowd. We do this without having a clear understanding what we’re actually doing to our bodies. Understanding your body is no easy matter at all. Yes, workout and exercise are one of the main factors in maintaining a healthy life, but what about our food choices then? Have you ever asked yourself which type of food your body actually needs? Understanding what your body needs isn’t a straightforward task. It takes time, effort, patience and surely persistence. However, once you become aware of your body by time, it leads to a better mood, better lifestyle, and a healthier you in so many different ways. To ease some of the confusion of being torn between so many options of whether intermittent fasting, detox, diets and more are right for you, we’ve received some advice from wellness entrepreneur and nutritionist Fayrouz Eid!

Fayrouz Eid studied food science and nutrition in the USA and started her career path after getting her bachelor degree. She started off with ‘By Fayrouz,’ which were one on one sessions, then became the brand ambassador of Lipton clear green. After that came the creation of ‘The Daily Crisp‘ (TDC), a publication revolving around health and fitness, offering wellness a much needed edge for everyone around. The insightful nutritionist is now launching a new platform called ‘Well B‘ for a better body, mind, and soul. Now scroll down to learn more about it!

The mind, body and soul approach is the strategy we all should be following. Everything in our body is connected to each other. ‘Well B’ is the right platform for anyone who wants to lose weight properly without any hair fall, keeping your skin healthy, and more. In this platform, Fayrouz will be guiding those who join by first eliminating certain types of food that would be suitable to the individual, such as dairy for instance, according to Fayrouz.

When ‘Well B’ launches its program, it will have two sessions monthly, and each session will last for one week. The platform will offer a variety of programs such as gluten free and animal free lifestyles to name a few. In addition, it will contain options to click on such as ‘Cleanse,’ which will be the first option launching, followed by ‘Sustain’ and ‘Lighting.’ ‘Well B’ is a suitable platform for anyone looking for an improvement in body strength, their digestive system, and more. Each and every person can gain a better understanding of their bodies, and what kind of food it needs!

Here are some tips from Fayrouz Eid on how to understand your body

  • Listen to your body

At some point, we can actually tune in to our body and feel what it needs. Just like a call, we listen to what it is telling us.

  • Start fresh

We get exposed to so many toxins daily, leading our bodies to overload on these unwanted toxins.

  • Detox

Give your body the space it needs to do what it does.

  • Eat better food

Nourish your body right!

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