Top 10 Releases by Egyptians in 2016 (So Far)

Egoz. Photo by Sallie Pisch.

As summer draws to a close and we start heading back from Sahel to the real world, here at Scoop Empire we thought we’d give you a great home-grown playlist to make your re-entry a little bit easier. So, we’ve put together a list of the top releases by Egyptian artists so far in 2016.


Sit back, relax, and let the music take you away!



  • Egoz – “Bedaya”


Egoz’ debut Arabic track, “Bedaya,” brings us a totally new sound while remaining true to the band’s decade-long track record of producing some of the best rock to ever come out of Cairo, and we can’t wait to hear their upcoming album. If you’ve never heard it before, now’s your chance.





This is the first release we’ve heard from Rash in a while, and we absolutely love it! Produced by another local talent, Adam Awad, this indie track is simply beautiful, pared down to Rash’s voice and electric guitar, and bittersweet all at once.





With over 2 million views so far on YouTube, this is definitely one of summer’s favorite tracks, complete with a video that makes us wish we were tagging along! After such a success with this one, do these two have something else in the works for us…? (*hint hint*)





We only recently discovered these guys (thanks, Sofar Cairo!) and we’re definitely fans. We were surprised to discover this indie group released an EP online just a few months ago, titled “Songs from a Cuckoo’s Nest.” We’ll let you decide for yourself which of the five tracks is your favorite.





We couldn’t have been more thrilled when this track came out in the spring – Hany’s first release in four years (which is way too long, if you ask us!). To quote ourselves, it’s hard to decide which part is our favorite: the haunting lyrics, Hany’s rich voice, or the moments the violin and 3oud give you the feeling you’re floating away.



  • Abyusif – “Garab Te2felo W Tefta7o Tany”


Changing tracks slightly (er, a lot), rapper Abyusif has been doing a lot this year. He’s released something like 15 tracks in the last 8 months (!), so while we chose to share this one, really it’s probably worth your time to go take a listen to a few more as well.





Does anyone not remember this release? People loved it so much we obviously had to include it (plus we love the cameos in the video!). If you’d forgotten this existed or hadn’t watched it in a while, you’re welcome.



  • Gast – “Unrar”



Slipping into yet another genre, this list wouldn’t be complete without some electronic music, and we decided to include “Unrar,” the third LP released by electronic artist Gast. With 15 tracks there’s plenty of time for you to sit back, close your eyes, and let the music sink in.



  • Abo – “Ahwak”


So we have to say, we are definitely on board with the throw-back feel of the video for “Ahwak,” one of our favorite Abo songs. It suits his happy-go-lucky style and makes us want to go back and start summer all over again!





And last but not least, the debut release by Nathalie Saba, the only woman and the youngest artist on this list. In case you haven’t heard, Nathalie was picked up by Sony late last year and boy has she been busy since then! If you’re interested to hear more about her, check out our interview with her here.



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