Time To Rekindle The Flame With A Trip To The Most Romantic Destinations In Egypt

When is a more ideal time to unwind and clear your head than on Valentine’s Day? To celebrate this day the right way, you need to be on your A-game. As a result, turn off your phone, pack your bags, and call in sick to work and take your loved one on a much needed get-a-way. With captivating destinations all over Egypt, we have curated a list that will make you celebrate this special day properly and why only on Valentine’s day, take any long weekend and go on a romantic escape.

Hurghada: Parasailing Adventure

This is a two-people adventure, attached to a boat in a parachute, you can parasail and enjoy a great view of the Red Sea. Floating in the air has never felt better than with your sweetheart. Even better, you’ll be able to see the amazing world of the Red Sea at a bird’s-eye level, parasailing is about 10-15 or 20 minutes of flight time and you will not need any required training as you will be monitored and guided by an experienced crew who will do all the work to ensure you and your loved one’s comfort and safety. Hurghada is a gem for adventures, you can take an open water diving course as well as go hiking on any of the nearby mountains. Hurghada gets quite hot in summer so best months would be September to June.

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Al Fayyum: Valley of the Whales and Wadi El Rayan Water Falls

You can see Egypt’s highest waterfalls up close through a tour at Al Fayyum, there, you get to experience for yourself the mesmerizing serenity of the waterfalls and perhaps take some cool photographs with your loved one. Followed by a visit to the Valley of the Whales, a UNESCO heritage site. Once you make your way there, you’ll notice that the concentration and quality of the fossils are unique due to their accessibility and setting in a protected landscape.

Siwa: Desert Safari-Fire camps

With people around you in traditional dress and a place shaped by ancient cultures, you will feel reborn and nostalgic, a true escape. You can enjoy nature with your loved one through a tour of the renowned historical ruins and natural landscapes. For example, the ruins of the “Shali Fortress” at Siwa Oasis. Once you reach the fortress, there is a special pathway from the central square of the fortress, where you will find yourself staring at a mesmerizing full view of the oasis, the food there is also quite special with a speciality of date, olive and fig jams.

Aswan: Kitchener’s Island

An island in the Nile river is definitely a spot to reminisce on a trip with your partner. It’s a romantic spot to watch the sunset and enjoy the cool, Egyptian breeze. Kitchener’s Island is an island-wide botanical garden with lots of birdlife. You can get there by rowing boat or felucca from the west bank or Elephantine. You don’t have to worry that much as locals will always happily sail you to any of the islands there, Aswan is the perfect go-to spot for winter.

Safaga: Menaville Resort and Spa

At this spa, you’ll get the royal treatment from a team of professionals who are there just to make sure you and your loved one have the absolute best experience possible. This Spa is considered to be one of the most famous spas in the Red Sea area open since in 1999. You’ll be free to choose from the different programs that the resort offers. Whether you want to get a massage or even Electro therapy, the spa is all yours, Safaga is about an hour away from Hurghada so would be interesting to combine both trips.

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Nuweibaa: Basata Village

Basata Village, which was founded in 1986, is regarded as Egypt’s first eco-lodge. Visiting the village with your significant other can help you both unwind and enjoy a soul-cleansing experience far from technology and city lights. The eco-lodge seeks to have a minimal influence on the local Bedouin population and the environment through its ecotourism philosophy. While you both are there, you can start learning more about the inhabitants and their way of life as well as become more familiar with the concept of ecotourism, enjoy beautiful sunsets, hikes and truly be present.

This list stands out because each location provides a very distinctive experience tailored to different tastes. With a variety of activities, you’ll be able to reconnect with your loved one and get to discover new passions along the road.

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