This Year’s UN’s International Day of Peace Is on Climate Change

By Lojain El Shawaf

The UN’s international day of peace was established on 1981, since then it’s date is set annually on the 21st of September. On this day the world celebrates unity and attributions to peace above all differences.

Every year the UN chooses a theme for their day of peace, last year’s theme was “The Right to Peace – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights at 70″, This year’s theme is ”Climate Change”. We have to say, Some people have a misconception that global warming and climate change fall under the same umbrella however, they don’t represent the same connotations ladies and gentlemen. Actually, climate change is what causes global warming, so today we’re trying to dig deeper into the root of the problem, and to contribute as humans to help avoid or lessen environmental problems that are caused by climate change.

Use less electricity

Solar panels aren’t being used frequently in the Middle East, and they really should be. They replace the usage of electricity which, undoubtedly has a significant effect in the green commute move, to avoid the extremely noticeable escalation of heat.

Why not public transportation?

Give you car a break for a second and try using public transportation. Less fossil fuels, less pollution, less traffic congestion on the roads, that’s all we need for a cleaner environment. 

Always unplug

Being the careless people that we are, we sometimes waste electricity and cause unnecessary environmental damage by simply leaving our charges plugged without use, that is excessive flow of electricity which leads to automatic change of climate, so a simple initiative like unplugging your devices when you’re away, will make huge difference.

Suppress the population growth

The ever growing population is certainly causing global climate disruption due to the buildup of human-generated greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Needless to mention, the excessive usage of the earth’s resources by humans will not only affect climate change but will also threaten the lives of every living soul on the planet.

Education and raising awareness

People need acknowledge the topic more, since you can’t prevent something if you don’t know enough information, and what’s more important to learn about than our planet? Multiple platforms could be used to educate people, from media to papers, the word should be spread and we should all help to improve the environment, for us and for future generations.

WE SAID THIS: A simple contribution could go a long way.