This Woman Started a New Abaya Line To Make Life More Liberating for Saudi Women

By Febronia Hanna

As women in Saudi Arabia are gaining more and more freedom, they needed clothes that would get them to adapt to their new lifestyle. Eman Joharjy started designing these kinds of clothes for herself then it turned into a profitable business.

Via Onmanorma

She was frustrated by the lack of Abayas suited for cycling or running and it made her feel chained. She began making what she called “Sporty Abayas” and sold them to her friends. Each design is tailored for a certain activity like the driving abaya that has a hoodie, tight elbows to prevent the sleeves from catching on the steering wheels and shorter lengths to make the switching of pedals easier.

“They reflect freedom and the willingness to embrace life and make it easy for the modern woman,” she said.

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