This Saudi App Allows You to Try on Makeup Products Virtually

Love makeup? This app will bring testers to the comfort of your home! For the first time in the Middle East, this virtual makeup room is allowing women to preview their make-overs. The app’s selfie setting provides life-like makeup application with real-life makeup brands that you can add to your cart. You can try pricey red lipsticks, smokey eye shadows, and false lashes before splurging your cash on them.

Via harpersbazaararabia

The Saudi Arabian app, Golden Scent, is the first in the Middle East to implement the digital innovation of augmented reality. The hassle-free feature is easy to use and practical. With many brands in the beauty department and equipped with great costumer service, the app is setting a new standard for e-commerce in the region.

Lastly, thanks to the feature, Arab consumers can maximize their shopping experience without physically being there. The tech-beauty relationship is already gaining a lot of attention from many online shoppers. Soon enough, all websites will adopt this feature.

WE SAID THIS: No more in-store germ-filled makeup testers!