This Lebanese App Is Everything You Need to Kill Your Routine!

Via Latchi Watersports

We wake up every morning and do the exact same thing every single day. Eventually, we start questioning ourselves whether we’re really enjoying life or not.

Routine is a lethal loop we get stuck in without having control over it, but who said we can’t have any say in it? We need to break routine before it breaks us, and this app is exactly what we need to do it!

“Kill my Routine” is a mobile app that suggests off the beaten path activities in Lebanon for users based on their moods and interests. We’re talking rock climbing, surfing, dipping under the country’s most breathtaking waterfalls, and much more!

While exploring your options on the app, you can “swoosh” it to save it for later. So, obviously, you’ll have a “you swooshed” tab where you can go back to afterwards.

So, how does the app really predict activities that you might fancy? Based on your swooshed activities, pre-answered questions, and your overall online activity, the app will come up with personalized mood stats for you. Mood stats will compare your levels of variables that include rush, serenity, outdoorsy, night owl, and routine breaker.

WE SAID THIS: It’s available to download for both iOS and Android devices.