This Arab App Takes Matchmaking to the Marriage Level

Via Vox

Dating apps are popular worldwide, but when it comes to the Middle East due to the culture, meeting and dating on apps like Tinder is still frowned upon. Even though dating is widely acceptable in some Arab countries, online dating is still relatively virgin and the existence of an unmarried couple is still scorned in some societies.

Nevertheless, this Arab version of Tinder finds its place in the equation by sticking to what it claims to be ‘moral standards’ that go along with Islamic laws of marriage and engagement!

Soudfa’, which means coincidence in Arabic, is basically the mobile app where matchmaking in heaven happens! According to Soudfa, all it takes to find your soulmate is a mere coincidence, and the app is there only to leave room for just that.

The mobile app relies on three main pillars; its Islamic identity, being a leading platform in the digital world of matrimonial sites in the region, and the huge community of users that Soudfa is basically nothing without. Soudfa’s users have reached over 3 million people looking for true love so far.

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