The Key to Perfectly Defined Natural Curls

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Are you dreaming of frizz-free sculpted natural curls that are ever-so-defined? To achieve definition, one has to take extra measures in their journey starting from the shower to drying their hair. Be it wavy, curly, or kinky, every woman knows that curly hair means continuous effort to keep it in a good shape and preserve its pattern.

Read on for the most efficient tips to keeping your healthy, 100% defined curls:

Conditioners/Deep Conditioners

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The star tip to having defined hair is to always keep it moisturized. You can do that by regularly using conditioners and deep conditioning at least once a week. For ultimate definition, start using the ‘Squish to Condish’ technique which is applying a generous amount of conditioner to your hair, followed by turning your head over, then adding small amounts of water to your hair and scrunching it. You should add water and scrunch until the conditioner is partially or entirely rinsed out. This effective method helps the conditioner to infuse more moisture into the hair, and increases curl clumping for better definition.

Styling Products

The Hair Addict Professionals and models (@engy_akram, @naturalcurl_wave)

You will need great finishing touches to maintain the definition you gave your hair during the wash. We recommend using curl custards, alcohol-free gels, or even homemade flaxseed gel! Gels give the most definition but are preferably used after applying a leave-in conditioner or styling cream to keep your curls feeling bouncy.

Styling techniques

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Now that your hair is conditioned and has styling products, you will start your styling process. There are a lot of styling techniques but the following will surely give you brilliant definition and are so easy to follow!

Scrunching is one of the best techniques to have bouncy and defined locks. You just flip your head over, put your palm at the ends of your hair, lift it up towards your scalp and squeeze. This causes the hair to clump together and tightens the curl pattern. Another method is finger-coiling which is twisting small hair strands around your finger to get more uniform curls; it results in tighter curls and maximum definition. It also counts as arm exercise if you have a thick head of hair!

Hair Drying Methods

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Whatever styling technique you’re using, the drying step after styling is crucial to ensure definition. So, make sure to use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt to absorb excess water and product after styling by scrunching your hair with it. Then, you can use the good old air drying method and don’t touch it until it is dry.

Wet hair is very prone to frizz and touching your wet hair can disturb the definition. Or you can get a little fancy schmancy and get a diffuser attachment for your blow drier and use it on the cold setting. This is especially perfect for winter because who can wait 5+ hours at home for their hair to dry completely before going out?

The Hair Addict Professionals and models (@narimanelsadr)

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