This Is How You Can Personally Meet Ghalia Benali in Cairo This Month

Breathe everyone and let’s not hyperventilate from excitement, Ghalia Benali is coming to Cairo and you can actually meet her. The Tunisian-Belgian songstress just announced the release of her new illustrated art-book and she’s hosting a book signing right here in our homeland.

Via Ahram Online

“Romeo and Leila” is a Ghalia Benali’s autobiography; for every mythical character mentioned, in the fictional tale, refers to someone she met in her real life journey. As a young artist, Benali left her country while searching for the love she only dared dream of. Facing different cultures, beliefs, and social pressures, her departure was anything but mundane.

The book is originally sold at the price of €49, which is equivalent to EGP 1,067, but since Benali is coming to Egypt; she has reduced the price of the book to EGP 490 … Isn’t she just awesome!

The short story is about a secluded, and overly-protected, princess and five short journeys she has to take to reach the divine perfection found in love. The tale was performed by Benali as a musical in Belgium. The personal project was not recorded with a music label, but with the help of the Palestinian founder of Amal Festival in Santiago de Compostella in Spain, Ghaleb Jaber, and the Flemish community of Belgium it got to see the light and was released in 2006.

Book signing dates in Cairo:
  • Saturday, 24th of March Diwan Bookstore – Zamalek Branch at 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, 25th of March Kotobgeyya – Maadi at 7:00 pm
Upcoming events in Cairo:
  • Thursday, 22nd of March Cairo Jazz Club – Agouza at 10:00 pm
  • Friday, 23rd of March – Concert in Zamalek at 9:00 pm

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