Ghalia Benali: Tunisian Songstress and Flower Child

Ghalia benali is known for her magical and sensuous voice that emerged from the Arab world and has been conquering the music scene ever since. The multi-talented songstress, song writer, composer, actress, dancer and visual artist has captivated the souls of countless people all over Europe and the Middle East.

Born in Brussels and raised in Tunisia, the musical sensation has been surrounded by art and talent throughout her life. Her untamed Southern Tunisia upbringing, fascination with Bollywood’s classical music and infatuation with Egyptian extraordinaires such as Oum Kalthoum and Abdul-Basit Abdul-Samad, created the multi-cultural and spiritual artist we have grown to love.
Performing all over the world (Benelux, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Egypt, Tunisia, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, etc.), her matchless voice and graceful movement interprets every Arabic word and emotion effortlessly to her entranced Western fans.

Ghalia ben ali
Photo credit: Karim Hayawan


She performed for her Egyptian fans several times at the Library of Alexandria, Cairo opera house, Kasr El-Nil theatre, Darb 1718, Al-rab’a at Al-Moez st., El-Genaina theatre at Al- Azhar Park, Cairo Jazz club, The Music Tent as well as many other venues besides Cairo.

Her authentic tunes and vocals have already managed to build her a huge fan base in Egypt. Her performances are like nothing you will witness. With her free-spirited yet elegant dance moves across the stage, the way her body fluidly moves to her rhythms, her dynamic and enchanting presence will leave you in awe.

Ghali Benali is scheduled for a concert at The Music Tent, Cairo festival city, on Friday 6th of March. The songstress will spellbind us for the first time by divine Sufi and love texts to the tunes of Indian music, using Indian drums and a sitar.

The bicultural fusion was created by her band of musicians of different backgrounds, working harmoniously to create a standout masterpiece. The concert will be a resurrection of her Al Palna album including some of her fan favourite hits such as “Hayamtany”.
Her concerts are everything that is modern yet medieval, wild yet graceful and joyful yet heartwarming. Whether she is tackling the Middle Eastern political turmoil, humanely rather than commercially, or simply chanting of love, her concerts are a self-contemplating experience where Ghalia’s voice squeezes everything dark out of your heart until you yell “Amen Ghalia, Amen!”


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