Jadal to Make Their Debut US Performance at the SXSW Festival

Via Enas El Masry

SXSW will kick off this Friday, 9th of March, and guess who’s making an appearance? Yes, your favorite Jordanian band, Jadal. So for Arabs living in Austin, Texas or in any of the states nearby, rejoice! The band will be performing in two different locations for two different gigs. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The band’s first gig will take place in Sheraton BackYARD on the 14th of March. As for their second gig, it will be on the 16th of March at PALM DOOR on SIXTH. Tickets will be sold on door for $10 while anyone with an SXSW badge will get free entry. They will be also sold online via SXSW’s official website.


SXSW is a super special event as it acts as a hub where thousands of creatives from a diverse range of industries get to meet. The event fosters and supports creative minds who are constantly craving to learn and explore. SXSW’s schedule doesn’t just include a music line up, but also includes film screenings, a comedy festival, and featured speakers like Nile Rodgers and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

WE SAID THIS: If you can’t go to the festival like us, don’t fret. You can still live stream it by downloading the SXSW GO app.