This Female Egyptian Soprano just Revamped Opera Music and We’re in Love!

If you’ve always had a thing for opera music but always failed to connect with it, today is your lucky day. Nadine El-Seragy, up and rising Egyptian Soprano, just managed to introduce one of the most elite and misunderstood music genres to the mainstream, and beleive us when we say that you won’t be able to put this band on pause!

El-Seragy, along with composer Magued Adel, independently started The Bastet Project band that harmoniously blends Egyptian oriental music, with classical opera, jazz, and rock elements.

The band consists of Magued Adel (Composer, Piano), Samuel Kamel (Oud), Amir Ayoub (Guitar), Shady El-Agar (Percussions) and Emad Sidhom (Bass). The band’s sound is only acoustic, thus no synths and no electronic sounds, where each instrument creates a meditation infused experience that will delight both lovers of Western Classical and Egyptian music.

The band released their first album, Bastet, which is more of a hypnotic experience than a regular commercial album.

Nadine was also a member of both “Fabrica” and the “GUC Music Ensemble”. She won many consecutive “Jugend Musiziert” competitions in Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Germany, where she has also performed.

WE SAID THIS: The Album is now available to buy on iTunes and Amazon … You’ll thank us later! 

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