Paris Opera House To Assist Saudi Arabia In Cultural Development and Here’s How!

By Amira Eid 

Saudi Arabia just signed an agreement, last Monday, to Launch its first Opera house and Orchestra with the assistance of Paris Opera House as part of Saudi Arabia vision for 2030.

Via South China Morning Post

It seems that France will be Saudi Arabia’s cultural partner in the Middle East. As France will not only help Saudi Arabia to have its first Opera house, it also announced that Saudi Arabia’s short movies will be participating, for the first time, in “the Cannes film festival”.

The most important part that has been signed in this agreement is that France will support Saudi Arabia in the transformation of a huge uninhabited land to be the first outdoor museum in Saudi Arabia.

One of the biggest cultural agreements that Saudi Arabia Has ever signed in its history that will for sure change the cultural scene in the Middle East.

WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait to see Saudi Arabia’s first Opera House!