LA VISTA Developments Challenges Your Inner Sherlock Holmes With This Thought-Provoking Campaign

Via LA VISTA Developments

The recently launched campaign by LA VISTA Developments has not just bombarded the streets of Cairo with gigantic billboards but has also raised many questions. The campaign seems to be all about mysteries and solving riddles, but can we solve it before they reveal their big secret?

Via LA VISTA Developments

The outdoors’ designs don’t tell much. It’s obviously a satellite imagery in the background with the real estate company’s logo. What was thought-provoking is the “12+16” that they added to the design. What could that possibly mean? Are they pointing at the sum of both numbers, 28? Or does the plus sign symbolize the word “and” for some reason? What do these numbers even mean? People? Places? Dates?

As we went crazy, and out of wild guesses, we decided to check people’s feedback on social media platforms and we ended up being confused a tiny bit more!

A direct question was sufficing to some.

Via LA VISTA Developments

While others put a little bit of extra effort; and definitely research, into it.

Via LA VISTA Developments

However, these are just random speculations. LA VISTA Developments still hasn’t shared any information regarding their mysterious campaign and there is no firm evidence on anything. Maybe the company will soon reveal its secret and dominate the streets of Cairo once again, but this time with some real answers.

WE SAID THIS: Meanwhile, any guesses?

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