This Dark Humor Campaign Will Actually Brighten Up Your Day

Via Elios

Have you stumbled upon Elios‘ most recent advertising campaign? Well, we did, and we love it! The dark humor and futuristic concept they used is undeniably new to the Egyptian society. Yet, we also can’t deny their three ads were pretty witty and inventive.

The campaign is set in 2033; for a good reason that we’ll get to in a minute. It’s no longer the Cairo we know, it feels more like getting lost in Panem’s Capitol. Even though it feels dark and scary in comparison to our present, Elios’ lamps are there to illuminate the houses of the future. How? Simply because Elios’ LED lamps have a lifespan of long 15 years, which explains why they fast-forwarded to that year in particular.

Via Elios

Elios has been the leading brand in the smart lighting industry, as well as electrical accessories, wiring devices and lighting components, for the past 40 years. They’re quite known for their LED lamps of premium quality making the brand stand out. In addition to the lamps’ long lifespan, they save up to 90% of energy consumption and come with a four-year warranty. Also no more flickering and no more lost brightness, like the case with most other brands.

The benefits of LED lamps technology, ranging from its efficiency to saving its replacement and maintenance costs to the wide range of shapes and styles they come in, have led everyone to switch from the old fashioned GLS lamps. That trend has been noticed in every household, every office, and every other establishment, and it’s expected to continue over the next upcoming years too.

WE SAID THIS: We’re changing the lamps at the office already!

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