The Three Fat Ladies: A Blog For Cairo’s Foodies

When food meets obsession! Let us introduce you to one of Cairo’s top foodies, three fantastic ladies who always entertain us and keep us informed with their reviews and feedback on different restaurants, events, and cafes around town. But doesn’t the name remind you of something? Well, guess what, they were actually inspired by The Four Fat Ladies and how much they love them.

The three ladies, Sarah Agamia, Nour and Dina Elsegieny, came across the food blogging idea 3 years ago. It all started when they noticed that all they do is go to restaurants, try out their food and take pictures of it. So why not just be part of the food blogging business? They decided to start a blog on Instagram and document their own experiences of different restaurants all over Cairo by taking a bunch of cool pictures, giving their honest reviews of the place, the food, and the experience as a whole. 

By the time they started posting and the number of followers increased, Cairo Spots, Egypt’s top food magazine, started inviting them to some of the city’s food events. Such a tempting experience, isn’t it? Well, it may sound easy but it’s not, as they faced some issues and difficulties when it came to their photography skills. We all know that a big part of the dining experience is visual. As Sarah mentioned to us, “practice makes perfect.” Instead of giving up they practiced their photography skills and taught themselves all the right techniques. Now the main concern they face is the dilemma they get put in when they receive an invitation from a restaurant and they dislike the food, so they have to balance between a reputable, honest review, and their concern for the restaurant’s reputation.

All of this and they’re still not done yet; The Three Fat Ladies will shower us with some of their upcoming future plans such as Instagram reels, competitions, and some of their own recipes like their banana bread!

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