The Presidential Picture Book


So this is not an opinion peace, no need to be all sensitive. Ladies and gentleman today and yesterday were historic days for Egypt, for 30 years our fate has been decided for us over and over again, but not today, today is the day were we choose our own fate, well you and 85 million others.

Now not to criticize others, but for all you illiterates out there, that Arabic isn’t their first language I’m here to help you out. Just to clarify, I’m one of those” illiterates” that don’t know how to read or write, but lucky for us picking our president is like being in first grade, where they tell you to match the sign to the face. Check out my little description to help you out.

May the best man win. The words in bold are the symbols for the candidates in case you get confused.


  • PYRAMIDS: Abu El Ezz El Hariri
  • SUN is shining: Amr Moussa
  • Drive that CAR: Houssam Khairallah
  • Snap that CAMERA: Mohamed Fawzy Eissa
  • Ride that HORSE: Aboul Fotouh
  • Show me yo WATCH: Hesham Al Bastawisi
  • See that STAR: Mahmoud Galal
  • UMBERELLA Ella Ella Eh: Mohamed Salim Al-Awa
  • Climb that LADDER: Ahmed Shafik
  • Catch that EAGLE: Hamdeen Sabbahi
  • Smash that HAMMER: Abdallah El Ashaal
  • Ugly TREE: Khaled Ali
  • Step on that SCALE: Mohamed Morsy


Now I told you who the candidates are and what signs they represent. The rest is up to you; take time think about who you want to vote, because today’s choices shall last you up to four years.

WE SAID THIS: VOTE today to see tomorrow…