The Highly Anticipated Lebanese Shows Set To Air This Ramadan

Lebanon is promising an exciting line up of shows set to run throughout the holy month. From March 22, audiences will get to enjoy an eclectic range of shows, some entirely new, others returning for a new season. They will all be available on Arab streaming services for the region to enjoy so let’s take a look at the upcoming line-up.

We Akheeran (And Finally)

Fans of the show “2020” are buzzing looking forward to seeing their favorite screen duo Nadine Njeim and Qusai Khouli acting together once again in the upcoming romantic Lebanese drama “We Akheeran”. The story will revolve around Khayal, a woman living in extreme poverty with no proof of identification who ends up falling in love with Yakoot, an ex-convict with a shaky past.

Al Zind: Thi’b Al Assi

Set in pre-WWI, “Al Zind: Thi’b Al Assi explores the story of a young man who just got discharged from the military and ends up getting pulled into a conspiracy involving well-connected personalities.

Almot 3 (Til Death)

Back for a third season, the climatic Lebanese-Syrian will continue from the ultimate cliffhanger of the previous season when Reem and Sahar jumped into the sea in escape of an armed mob. This new season is expected to be full of new surprises and twists that will be brought to the screen by the talented director Philip Asmar.

Al Nar Bi Al Nar (Fire With Fire)

Tapping into the struggles of the war in Syria, the Lebanese-Syrian show Al Nar Bi Al Nar (Fire With Fire) follows the story of Mariam played by Lebanese actress Zeina Makki, a Syrian refugee who finds herself stranded in Beirut. Completely alone, with no identity documents, she will have to learn to survive in the new city.

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