Lionel Messi Will Be Dropping The Kingdom A Second Visit This March

The Argentinian football star, Lionel Messi is set to make a return to Saudi Arabia this March to explore the country and its tourist destinations. The PSG player received an official welcome to the Kingdom from Ahmed Al Khateeb, Saudi’s Minister of Tourism who tweeted “I am happy to welcome our Tourism Ambassador and star Lionel Messi and his family and friends this month, on his second visit to Saudi, to enjoy the most beautiful tourism destinations, connect with our people and enjoy a unique experience.”

His last trip to the Kingdom was back in May 2022 after he was named the country’s Tourism Ambassador. During that trip, Messi got to explore the country during Jeddah Season, an annual festival held in the coastal city of Jeddah that managed to attract thousands of tourists in only 60 days. At that time, he visited a popular heritage site, Jeddah’s old town as well as taking boat rides across the Red Sea.

Having Messi as Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Ambassador is part of the government’s mission to represent the country as an exciting destination for tourists and travelers to visit.

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