The First Muslim Super-Heroine is Coming to Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Via Mashable

Kevin Feige, President of Marvel Studios, just dropped a major announcement for all comic book fans in the Middle East; Ms. Marvel might just feature in her own film or TV series! Ms. Marvel is a female fictional superhero that often appears in the Marvel Comic books and is considered the counterpart of Captain Marvel. Wondering why is she a major concern for Middle Easters? Let me enlighten you.

Via Digital Spy

Ms. Marvel is a Muslim, Pakistani-descendent superheroine from New Jersey, and she’s a mother of two girls! In an interview with BBC, Feige stated that a film with Ms. Marvel is “definitely sort of in the works.”  He added that once they’ve introduced Captain Marvel, which is currently shooting, to the world, they have “plans for that.”

We literally can’t wait for Kamala Khan to come to the MCU!

WE SAID THIS: Watch out Thanos, Ms. Marvel is coming for you!