The Craziest Stories That Happened On Planes in The Middle East

Have you ever been on a flight where something odd occurred that made you feel uneasy or rather not stop laughing. Well, there have been a few flights from and to the Middle East that either had to be cancelled due to some unfortunate events that have later become conversation starters.

Angry passenger attempts to break plane glas

Hundreds of people were put in danger when an aggressive passenger attempted to break a glass window on a plane heading from Peshawar, Pakistan to Dubai according to Arabian Business. The passengers started to panic but eventually, the cabin crew managed to restrain him after he tried to fight them. The man, who is said to suffer from mental health issues, suddenly started to punch and kick seats on board the PIA flight PK 283. After managing to restrain him by tying his hands and feet as guidance by aviation law, the staff alerted the captain who contacted the air traffic controller and called for security. The passenger then was held by authorities at Dubai airport after being brought from the plane and was removed from the same aircraft and placed on the airline’s blacklist.

Snake on a plane forces emergency landing

90 passengers on an Egypt Air aircraft from Cairo to Kuwait in 2012 allegedly saw a snake bite a Jordanian man who had brought the reptile onboard. Due to the incident, the pilot was forced to conduct an emergency landing near the Red Sea resort town of Hurghada, Egypt. Furthermore, an investigation discovered that the 48-year-old traveller, who runs a reptile shop in Kuwait, had concealed the Egyptian cobra in a carry-on bag, an Egypt Air official told CNN. The jet continued its journey to Kuwait when the local police took the snake away.

Falcons on a plane

In the Middle East, falcons are the ultimate status symbol, hence some falcon owners regularly bring their birds with them, uncaged, on airplanes, whether they are flying first class or economy. Birds with their own passports are allowed to fly on Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, or Royal Jordanian Airlines, most frequently perching on the arms of their owners. Therefore, travelers on these Middle Eastern carriers should anticipate sitting next to a different kind of passenger! Consequently, a picture of a cabin full of priceless birds went popular on social media in 2017. One of the pilots captured the image as the falcons flew into Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.


Woman attacks cabin crew with a prosthetic leg

A one-legged plane passenger reportedly ‘drunk’ has allegedly attacked flight attendants with her prosthetic leg and caused the flight to be diverted. The drama unfolded on a Thomson flight from Enfindha, Tunisia, that was destined for Edinburgh, Scotland, according to Yahoo. The woman apparently was shouting that she wanted cigarettes and a parachute to escape the aircraft. “She slapped a young girl and then assaulted the cabin crew with her prosthetic leg,” Yahoo claimed. The woman was then restrained and handcuffed as the flight crew diverted to Gatwick Airport to offload her.

EgyptAir flight hijacked using a fake suicide belt

In 2016, Seif Eldin Mustafa forced an EgyptianAir flight en route to Cairo from Alexandria to divert to Cyprus while using a fake suicide belt! Apparently, Mustafa wanted to see his former wife, who lived in Cyprus. In the end, the crisis ended peacefully, but only after confused scenes as Mustafa turned out not to have explosives, and walked off the plane with his hands up according to The NY Times.


You can now anticipate anything happening on your flight! What a peculiar world we live in, in fact.

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