The Arab World’s Largest Library Is Near Completion

The Mohamed Bin Rashid Library, located in Al-Jaddaf area, is going to be the largest library in the Middle East when it’s completed. It’s going to house more than 4.5 million books in print, audio, and e formats. It’ll also include several areas specially created for events and activities, as well as educational and cultural festivals. Not to mention venues for exhibitions and a 500-seat lecture theatre!

The amazing book-shaped library is going to be a significant addition to Dubai’s most iconic buildings. We are all anticipating the new attraction, and it looks like it’s almost ready to open its doors. According to What’s on Dubai, the Dubai Media Office recently shared a few images of the 66,000 square meter library. Standing seven stories high, the beautiful building can actually be seen from across the creek, giving you a chance to enjoy the breath-taking view!

The shape of the building is inspired by the shape of rehl – a traditional book holder, specifically the traditional Holy Koran lectern. The night view of the library is going to be quite spectacular when seen from a distance.

The Mohammed Bin Rashid Library is going to also host the main headquarters of the International Council for the Arabic Language. And it’ll publish the Mohammad Bin Rashid Contemporary Arabic Language Dictionary.

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