The Aftermath: No Friends in the Wild



Let’s call out one another once and for all. Let’s cut the fine lines between our crossing paths and declare our reality — if we are really friends or complete foes. Some say real friendship is a myth told to give us hope at a better mankind and that people find each other only to benefit off one another’s ego and power. What if we all believed in the wrong thing and we’ve been tricked down an aisle of darkness called friendship? But what’s a friend to a believer, what’s a believer to a foe, what’s a foe to a friend who believes in friendship?

You meet them throughout times of complete desperation; they suffer your sorrows as if they are their very own when all they can be heading to with your selfless soul is to a place they only own: to own you in a room with no doors, only a window to what you thought was a friendship. If people can feed on one another for the sake of a survival pattern of transformation to a stronger version of themselves, then I’d call you out on it before you call it out on me.




Some come and touch your core, find you at your weakest and find a place for you to hide. You question yourself, if you should carry on, hide and carry away your deepest cries of the past and future hurts with this one; or, if you should walk out and stand on your own. They say you won’t grow unless you lose so-called “friends.” I’d say losing friends is the only key to surpass and prosper beyond what keeps holding you back from strength and power.

Everything happens for a reason, so don’t you think that you and I are bound to be — whether friends or foes, we are what we are. And we will stay in each other’s lives or go, but our souls won’t stop at the end of this heartless life we both found each other in. I won’t say goodbye, neither will I say hello, I’d say you are in me as much as I’m in you and if you walk out, I’ll walk out on you first, but if you stay, I’ll give you my all. If you’re a friend, or even a foe, sometimes it’s worth the company after all.




To the friends who are foes, to the foes to be friends, to the people of my generation: stop. Stop and watch, because our path together is coming to an end, so you better make the right moves. Stop injecting your minds with filth, find goals of your own, don’t walk all over each other and find the good in one another rather than fighting a losing fight of your high, drunk mindset taking you six feet under.



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