Someone Rebranded Ta3meya and Called It ‘Green Burgers’ and Egyptians Aren’t Taking It Well



We have no idea how this happpened, who initiated this movement or if it’s just some random post gone viral. All we know is that ta3meya, A.K.A falafel, is getting rebranded and we are now calling it green burger.


If you’ve come across the new name on social media, it’s because it has been insanely trending last night. People are not taking it well and it is hilarious. They’ve let it go when everyone said jellyfishes instead of 2anadeel, green soup instead of molokheya, sun-kissed instead of tasalokhat but enough is enough.


This is the best thing that happened all week, and you’ve got to read people’s reaction:


















WE SAID THIS: What do you think about the green burgers?