We Asked Egyptian Men Why They Cheated on Their Wives and Here’s What They Said

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Before we embark on this journey together, let us first define what cheating is; because apparently to some, cheating is a relative term. Our definition of cheating in this article is when a person breaks the limits that were established with their partner. Now that we’re over the definition, let’s talk about the experts at justifying their actions when they cheat; Arab men (duuuh). So, we asked some of them why in the world would they ever cheat on their significant others, and here’s what they said.



“As long as she doesn’t know, I’m not hurting her”  – Ahmad


“A man’s heart can love several women at once, and  the opposite is not true” – Omar


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“We’re not official yet” – Osman


“We were on a break. I never told her about it though” – Maged


“I just don’t believe in monogamy. I tried so many times but utterly failed” – Nour


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“She’s just horrible in bed, and after years of trying; I was sure that if I didn’t cheat on her our relationship was doomed to end” – Kareem


“I got with my girlfriend when I was 16 and I didn’t know myself back then. By the time I wanted to explore myself it was too late, and I didn’t want to break her heart” – Abdelrahman


“My heart and my body are two separate entities” – Khaled


“It has been quite a hassle pleasing her lately” – Kareem


“I no longer find her attractive after giving birth” – Amin


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“What happens in Sa7el, stays in Sa7el” – Ezzat


“My friends influenced me to download Tinder, and I didn’t expect things to get so intense” – Adel



“My wife does not share with me the same sexual interests…” – Kamal


“Sexting isn’t cheating” – Amr


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WE SAID THIS: Remember guys, what goes around comes around.