Storeleaks: The App That Will Change Dubai’s Eid Shopping Game

Via: UAE Interact

Whether you follow the latest fashion trends or you drag your feet every six months to buy a new pair of jeans, shopping is essential whether you’re a shopaholic or not. However, it requires a lot of time and energy to find the perfect item, especially during Eid when every store is crowded with shoppers who are looking to complete their Eid outfit!


Sarah Taher, a Computer Science and Engineering student graduate, moved to Dubai in 2015 and created an innovative app that enhances our shopping experience. After graduating from the German University in Cairo, she dabbled in different fields — including giving parenting workshops and launching a woman online magazine — until she eventually gave birth to Storeleaks.


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The app is a market place connecting street-side retailers with potential nearby customers. For example, if you are looking for a pair of skinny jeans, Storeleaks will show you pictures, prices and the exact location of all the skinny jeans in your area so you can go there buy a pair and wear them tonight.


She wanted to create a map for products instead of locations.



According to Taher, what makes the app special is the fact that it combines the perks of both online and offline shopping. Consumers tend to browse products online because it’s easier and less time consuming, yet shopping from real stores is more credible as you get to try on the desired item. Storeleaks gives you the opportunity to choose the item you want and immediately directs you to the store where you can get it from.



WE SAID THIS: We believe that the future of this app is quite promising and we can’t wait for it to spread in the rest of the Middle East.