#Starsinmurad: International Stars Flaunt Zuhair Murad’s Best Style of the Season

From outstanding red-carpet dresses, to bridal gowns, Zuhair Murad has been a go-to for celebrities looking to make a statement. Born in 1971, the Lebanese fashion designer has never ceased to surprise us with his unreal designs and extravagant looks. From Beyonce to Lopez, this mastermind has successfully dressed hundreds of stars with one item in common, a happy customer. And this is ever more eviden in the recent hashtag, #StarsinMurad!

It seems that all these satisfied clients, who have every reason to be, have united under this one hashtag, signifying their appreciation of Murad. And, well, we can see just why that is. His levels of creativity reach a whole other degree under the variety of extraordinary dresses seen under this hashtag. For someone who started from scratch, we are proud to see his success unravel so quickly, which could only mean one thing. There is no one quite like Zuhair Murad.

To demonstrate his unmatchable talent, here are some dresses featuring celebrities from Chrissy Teigen to Jlo, wearing his designs under the hashtag #StarsinMurad!

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