A Star Among Us: Islam Gasser and Mohamed Ayman

header_image_Article_Main-A_Star_Among_Us-Teamin-Mohamed_Ayman-Islam_GasserWe’re shedding light on two best friends who decided to join forces and become business partners. Meet Islam Gasser and Mohamed Ayman, co-founders of Teamin.com, a platform bringing together sports lovers. How did it all start? One day, Mohamed faced challenges to find people to play football with when he moved abroad, he found a need in the market, quit his job, discussed the idea with Islam and the rest is history. The two minds behind Teamin.com share with us their thoughts and aspirations.


1. Introduce yourself.

IG: I’m the co-founder of Teamin.com. I’m 27 years old, Egyptian and currently living in Dubai. I have six beautiful years of marketing experience. I’m passionate about sports, especially soccer, and I love meeting new people around it.

MA: I’m 28 years old, born and raised in Cairo, Egypt. I currently live in Munich. I’m passionate about traveling, sports, reading and chess! A strong believer in the good of people, the fundamental need to stay positive and surrounding yourself with positive people.


2. What inspired you to be the person you are today?

IG: Following the things that I enjoy doing in life.

MA: A loving family, constant traveling and a very alert conscious.


3. Define success.

IG: Success for me is like a running circuit, whenever I reach the finish line, I take a new challenge.

MA: In essence, success is positivity. From a narrow, earthly point of view, it is the ability to reach a pre-defined objective. Though I find that true success lies in the happiness, acceptance with oneself, and the ability to add value to the community around. “It’s not the destination, but the journey that counts.”


4. Share with us the best piece of advice ever given to you.

IG: “In a moment of decision, the best decision is the right thing, the second best is the wrong one, and the worst is no decision at all.”

MA: One of the crucial advices I had so far is from my mother. I called her after an attempt to quit my job in Germany to pursue my passion and start my own businesses. I got a very attractive counter-offer, and ironically for the first time, I decided to ask for her advice. She literally said: “Don’t think twice! Quit now, or you’ll never quit!” The moral is, be bold or go home…and not to shy off asking your mother for advice.


5. What motivates you?

IG: Results, passion, and teamwork.

MA: Four things motivate me: The appreciation of people I care about, a higher good and the need to stay active and to constantly challenge myself!


6. Tell us a common misconception that people have about what you do.

IG: Sometimes people think that I organize sports events, but in fact I offer a platform for them to organize their sports games.

MA: People sometimes see that I believe in a “pinky” life, and can never get sad. The fact is my brain doesn’t stop thinking all the time, and I’m sometimes too critical which bothers me. I just tend not to express such frustrations.


7. Mistakes are…

IG: Not taking action in several business ideas that I’ve thought of in the past few years.

MA: The fastest and best way to learn.


8. Three random things about yourself…

IG: I started loving camping, beach rackets, and cooking.

MA: I have a twin brother. I can’t sleep unless the closets are fully closed. If I love a song, I can listen to it over and over again almost endlessly.


9. You’ll know you’ve made it when…

IG: I ask a random pedestrian “What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the word sports” he/she would answer with “Teamin.com.”

MA: It is very hard to say when the “it” is not 100% clear in the first place. I plan to keep on going…on and on.


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