Ornaments, Lightings & More: Highlighting The Middle East’s Top Christmas Trees

From ornaments to sparkling lights, one of the significant aspects of any Christmas festivity is the Christmas tree. With the holiday season fast approaching, we decided there was no more perfect time for a rundown of the most gorgeous Christmas trees of the Middle East, created over the past decade.

Tropical Christmas tree at The Green Planet, UAE

On Dec. 15, 2020, Dubai’s City Walk indoor tropical rainforest decorated its Kopak tree structure, which rises directly through the biodome and is now the largest tropical Christmas tree in the country. To complete the image, 400 meters of tinsel, 60 gigantic decorations and baubles, and 300 meters of Christmas lights were used. The best part is that every single tree decoration was produced from recyclable materials and is safe for the environment.

Huge Eco-friendly Christmas tree, Lebanon

In celebration of the season, an Eco-friendly Christmas tree was lit by the banks of Lake Bnachii, Zgharta District, Lebanon, as part of the “Christmas by the Lake” festival. After a two-year absence, the 15th edition of the Christmas Festival featured several Lebanese officials and environmental activists who put up the tree. Distinguished by its environmental dimension, this Christmas tree was made from thousands of plastic bottles and materials that can be recycled to send a message from Lebanon to the whole world. This message conveyed that “despite the difficulties, we can still celebrate, and that the land and the environment cannot be compensated if we lose them.”


A Jewel-encrusted Christmas tree, UAE

In 2010, the opulent Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi displayed what is rumored to be the most expensive Christmas tree in history, with a price tag of over $11 million. The hotel’s lobby’s 13-meter evergreen tree was decked out with tiny white lights, ornaments in the shape of balls, and silver and gold ribbons. But the hotel evidently wasn’t content with that, as it also displayed watches, necklaces, and bracelets made of solid gold. In hindsight, it looks like an $11.4 million Christmas tree is no big thing for a hotel that offers automatic machines to sell gold bars.

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Byblos Christmas tree, Lebanon

While this tree does not hold a specific uniqueness in itself, it, however, serves as a symbol of hope and perseverance for the people of Byblos. For the second year in a row, the ancient city of Byblos which is known for its extravagant Christmas festivities inaugurated the holiday season with its famous tree-lighting ceremony. What makes it special is that in 2020, the city could not afford to display a Christmas tree due to the prolonged economic crisis, compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic. The next year saw its return, but this year with political paralysis preventing even the most basic of economic reforms and the trajectory of Lebanon’s future uncertain. Thus, many residents worried the tree would not make an appearance but through combined efforts, the festivities took place.

El Korba Christmas Tree, Egypt

Ever gone to El Korba, one of Cairo’s most beautiful neighborhoods? Well, it’s in the Heliopolis district in Cairo, and during Christmas, the festivities that take place there are just extraordinary. From the beautiful decorations to the mesmerizing Christmas trees, El Korba is one of the perfect places to spend Christmas at. It also boasts a number of spots where you can have great food, and enjoy the beautiful aesthetic, all in one place.

So next time someone asks you about extravagant Christmas trees from the region, make sure to point them to one of these Christmas trees, by sharing the interesting story behind the place and how the tree was created.

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