How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree Perfectly

Everyone wants to decorate a perfect Christmas tree with lights, baubles, and ornaments all coordinated perfectly in the festive season. All you need to understand is how the elements work together and then decorating your trees like a pro. There’re three steps that you need to follow to make your tree beautiful and its full details, presented by Betway

Decorating your Christmas tree with lights 

The first step is to decorate the Christmas tree by adding lights. Tree lights mainly come on black, white, or green wire strands. You’ve to choose the color of strands that matches your tree to hide the wire. Lighting up your tree from inside out will give it a dynamic look. Start with the base trunk, wrapping the lights around the major branches, moving from the tip and back of the trunk. There are four types of Christmas lights that are popular for decorating trees:

  • Incandescent Traditional Lights: These tree lights come in various sizes with different colors and are the most popular tree lights. You can also use them outdoors. They not only warm up the branches of the tree but also release a scent of pine in the room.
  • LED Lights: These tree lights are newer than the incandescent traditional lights and don’t generate heat. These lights are more expensive but they are fireproof, flameproof and it’s safe to decorate your Christmas tree with them. 
  • Globe Lights: These tree lights are round and come in various sizes. These look like balls of color on your tree and they have a soft glow than the mini lights. The lights produce a glow on a larger part of the tree. 
  • Bubble Lights: These are the retro lights that stand straight up at the limbs of the Christmas tree. As soon as the liquid tube warms up on the top of the light, bubbles begin to float up and down within the tube. You can experiment with various lighting schemes until you find the one you like. 

Add Garlands to your Christmas tree

There’re are no basic rules to decorate your Christmas tree when it comes to the garland. To avoid the branches from bulging between the tightly fixed garland strands, start from the top of the tree and slowly increase the amount of the garland between every wave as you work down the branches. You should plan to use at least two garland strands for all the vertical feet of the tree. 

You can also choose to decorate your Christmas tree with a variety of fancy garlands to make it more dynamic. Thin garlands with beads look best hung on every branch; thick paper or foiled garlands looks best when wrapped loosely on all sides of the tree. 

Hang ornaments on your Christmas tree

The final step is adding ornaments to your Christmas tree. If you want to highlight your favorite ornaments, then locate them in a prime position of the tree. Hang the larger ones, spacing evenly on all sides of the tree. Ornaments are in various sizes, so hang the larger ones at the bottom of the tree and the smaller ones on the top. Then you can fill these ornaments with small and medium-size ornaments. Also hang ornaments closer to the trunk so that it reflects light, by making your tree glow from inside. 

Since all the above decoration items are largely used for decorating Christmas trees, you should be able to find these items from a large number of retail shops, both online and offline. For affordable decoration items, you’ve to check your local stores or department stores that can give you a discount.  

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