Snap Introduces AR “Try On” Fashion Feature In Saudi Arabia

Snap Inc. the parent company of a number of enterprises, including the famous social media platform Snapchat, revealed some interesting fashion features at an AR event in Saudi Arabia right before the weekend, offering a unique way to try on clothes and makeup.

Yup, as if from a scene out of a science fiction movie, the company hosted an augmented reality event in Riyadh, the kingdom’s capital, where it showed off a feature that will enable users to try on different pieces of attire using AR technology.

How does it work?

The event featured mirrors, in front of which attendees could stand, scan the Snapcodes, and use the new “2D Try” feature, which will overlay the attire on them and show them different outfits to choose from without the need to change their clothes at all. People at home will be able to do the same by taking a full-body selfie and the Snapchat app with the help of AR technology.

A similar activity was also present at the event, where people could use AR tech to try on different makeup looks and styles without needing to apply any, similar to how it’s done in filters, making them know what they like and could possibly buy in the future.

“Our technology has transformed the way people can interact with fashion and beauty. Snapchat has a unique and highly engaged community of content creators in the Kingdom, with a monthly addressable reach of 20 million users. Through AR technology, we’re giving our community the opportunity to enter a world where online shopping is focused more on the consumer and not the product.”

“Businesses also have an unmatched opportunity to utilize our AR features to tap into new audiences and increase their reach, helping them push their creative boundaries and drive real sales. We’re pleased to have had the chance to welcome the press, businesses, as well as Snap Stars to be among the first to interact with our immersive try-on experiences and learn about the future of shopping through Snapchat,” said Abdulla Al-Hammadi, regional business lead for the KSA market at Snap Inc.

New Office Soon?

According to Arab News, the Head of Communications for Snap in Saudi Arabia, Zainab Hawsawi, stated that the event mainly showed how AR tech would enable fashion and beauty in the kingdom. She also revealed that the company wants to be more diverse and inclusive, announcing that Snap will open an office in the Kingdom soon.

This revelation is a big deal since the Snap company doesn’t have another office in an Arab country in the MENA region except for Dubai in the UAE. Hawsawi also stated that they will hire local talent, mentioning that it is a very important factor for the company, which is a good thing since users will potentially get features that are in line with the region’s customs and traditions in mind.

“I’m so happy that Snapchat is opening an office in Saudi. It’s nice that we, as influencers, can communicate in depth with the company, and they can help us improve our experience,” fashion and beauty influencer, Shouq told Arab News.

New To The Region, But Old In Concept

It’s an impressive way to use the tech, and while it is new for people to be able to use the feature in the comfort of their own homes, the concept itself has been around for some time, appearing in movies, TV shows, and real life for years, but on a smaller scale in stores.

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