New 2022 FIFA World Cup Music Video “Light The Sky” Shines Spotlight On Women Off & On The Pitch

As we inch ever closer to the start of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, set to take place next month in Qatar, we got another taste of the musical spectacle that will dazzle during the event’s ceremonies in the form of a music video titled “Light The Sky.”

Impressive MENA Singing Group

Sang by an all-female cast of amazing artists from all over the MENA region, the song features vocals by award-winning Moroccan singer-songwriter Manal, Emirati artist Balqees, Moroccan-Canadian sensation Nora Fatehi, and finally, Iraqi superstar Rahma Riad.

The song is vibrant with several themes, dialects, and languages, including Arabic and English, making it relatable to the whole world. One of the most noticeable things that stand out is the choreographed dance moves, taking a lot of cues from the 2024 Paris Olympics announcement video, released back in 2021, showing off pop-and-lock arm movements.


While the “Light The Sky” music video is an all-inclusive anthem, it also highlights and celebrates women on and off the football pitch, that’s evident in the singers’ lineup, visuals, lyrics, and the inclusion of the six female referees who will take part in the upcoming World Cup, something that’s happening for the first time ever.

Three of the six will be participating as main referees during some of the matches in the 2022 World Cup, including Salima Mukansanga from Rwanda, Yoshimi Yamashita from Japan, and Stéphanie Frappart from France. On the other hand, Karen Díaz Medina from Mexico, Kathryn Nesbitt from the USA, and Neuza Back from Brazil will be assistant referees during some of the tournament’s matches.

Going Viral

“Light The Sky” went viral, reaching almost a million views on the official FIFA YouTube channel in less than 24 hours, unfortunately, to mixed reviews. However, that’s not reflected in the comments as it’s full of people from the Middle East sharing how proud they were of having artists from their region representing them for the first time.

“Light The Sky tells us to ‘shout if you’re with me’ and brings to life the spirit of communal celebration of the Fifa World Cup – an energizing message as we look forward to a game-changing tournament of firsts. This is an inspirational song with its roots firmly in the Middle East. It is also fitting that the first-ever female referees at a Fifa World Cup are part of this release that will connect with football and music lovers of all ages,” said Fifa Entertainment Executive and song producer RedOne said.

Previous Releases

This is the fourth song in the 2022 FIFA World Cup Soundtrack, with “Hayya Hayya” being the first released back in April, followed by “Arhabo” in August, and then “The World Is Yours To Take” dropped a month later.

All the songs except for “The World Is Yours To Take” have an international anthem theme to them, mixing different distinct sounds, music styles, and languages to make them more inclusive.

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