Skinny-Shaming Is a Real Problem and It Needs to Stop Now

Enty rofaya3a awi, me7taga takli shwaya‘’ is a sentence that I have heard over and over again through out my life, whether at the gym, with my friends, or at a family gathering; as if suddenly people advising me to “akol shwaya” will make me ‘’me2alwaza w merabraba’’ because being skinny is just too ugly according to “Egyptian” beauty standards. But then again, being fat is also ugly according to “Egyptian” beauty standards.


I say beauty standards can kiss my ass!


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I’ve had enough of people thinking that it’s okay to skinny-shame, thinking that we have it better, thinking that our feelings can’t probably get hurt because well…we’re skinny. So our bodies become open for judgment and we’re supposed to and expected to swallow it up and accept it for some reason that I still haven’t figured out.


I’ve also had enough of seeing social media posts such as the ones below circulating every now and then.



I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you but it does fucking hurt. It takes a toll on our mental health and it affects our self-esteem big time!


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It’s very ignorant of people to see a skinny person and just instantly assume that person starves himself or herself, or to label them as anorexic whilst having no clue what their medical history looks like. There is absolutely nothing wrong with skinny people! I swear we have feelings too you know!


Do you think I chose the skinny life?


I can eat ma7shy, zalabya, pizza, burgers, I can eat whatever the hell I want to eat without gaining an ounce. And whether this is a superpower or a curse, I don’t think it should really matter anymore.


So next time you see a skinny person, please just spare your “lazem takli/takol” advice and shut up because believe it or not, we don’t starve ourselves…


Just the other day, I stumbled upon the following paragraph written in an acclaimed magazine sold worldwide:



“Curvy girls have so much more fun.” Really? They even had the audacity to end the paragraph with a “love your bodies” statement. The hypocrisy! I personally was emotionally shattered after reading this.


Let us reverse the roles for a second now and see how inappropriate that would be. How do you think people would react then? It wouldn’t be tolerated nor acceptable. But why? Why is it not okay to tell someone that they are too fat and that they need to eat less? People have been talking about fat-shaming and how to prevent it, but don’t do that at the expense of other people’s feelings, in other words, don’t do that by shaming skinny women.


Why do you need to make yourself feel better by shaming models on a runway? Why can’t people just accept that there are different body types and everyone should focus on themselves?



WE SAID THIS: Let’s start accepting all body types!