Reasons Why You’ll Want to Move to Ras El Hekma ASAP

Via Misr Italia Properties

“Sahel, ya bro” has possibly been the most heard sentence over the past few summers. Every year, Egyptians flock towards the North Coast, the summer capital of Om El Donia, for the chance to get away from the city’s hustle and bustle; ironically, they have brought that with them.


Via Misr Italia Properties


Sahel has slowly been losing its serenity over the last few years, which can be quite saddening because that was basically the core essence of the North Coast. If that prospect has started to freak you out, worry not, Misr Italia Properties has decided to save us. The leading real estate Egyptian developer has just announced the launch of its newest project, Kai Sahel. Here’s why you need to be excited about it.



It’s located in Ras El Hekma


Via Misr Italia Properties


Developed by Callison RTKL & DMA, the 5 billion EGP vacation resort is located in Fouka, Ras El Hekma. What makes this project special is the unique location where Kai Sahel exists, as it is blessed with beautiful weather (having both sea breeze on one side and the Northern wind from the other side) and great calming water.



You can find your inner zen


Via Misr Italia Properties


Remember how sad we were at the prospect of losing Sahel’s serenity earlier? Well, Kai Sahel is promising to get that back. A little bird also told us that their main inspiration is “tranquility and nature.” With 88% of its area covered in lush green landscaping and 100% water view units ranging from lagoons, pools, lakes and springs, it’s no surprise they thrive on “tranquility and nature.”


FUN FACT: The Kai Sahel lagoons aren’t just for decorations, you can actually swim in them too! The swimmable lagoons are huge with a total size of 50,000 sqm and a shoreline that is 3,900 meters long.



There are tons of facilities and activities for everyone: single people, lovey-dovey couples and entire families


Via Misr Italia Properties


Kai Sahel also has 100 high-end bungalows for those who want to chillax, water adventures for the adrenaline junkies, fine-dining restaurants by the Instagrammable Pier for the foodies, a sports district for all the fitness freaks, and an amazing entertainment and events hub for the culture vultures.


Via Misr Italia Properties


Wait, there’s more. There’s also a 150-room, 5-star hotel with exclusive facilities which include a signature spa, swimming pools, sea view restaurants, and chill-out lounges. What more does one need, to be honest?




WE SAID THIS: 100% of the project villas and chalets at Kai Sahel will have a beautiful water view, as well as expansive greenery and landscaping that will fall against the backdrop of ultra-modern architectural designs that combine simplicity with luxury. With the delivery of phase one expected to begin in 2021, the project was officially launched end of July and units are going fast. Phase 2 of Kai Sahel will be launched during the last weeks of August.


You can contact Misr Italia via 16519.

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