How to Be Single in the Middle East

(Raissa Amaro/flickr)
(Raissa Amaro/flickr)
(Raissa Amaro/flickr)


Being single may seem like a burden for some, but for others it captures the greatest time of their lives. It’s a time to be alone, and most importantly, a time to get to know yourself more. It forces you to be put in an uncomfortable place where you can’t focus on anyone but yourself, and by doing so, you get to realize what’s going on in the dynamics of your life.


Being single in the Middle East life takes on a whole new meaning: you suddenly find yourself surrounded by the negative implications of being single. It’s a taboo. It’s considered sad, but it shouldn’t be. People shouldn’t pity you for your relationship status, it should be celebrated as one of a few chances to focus on yourself: what you want, what you need. It may seem scary because it forces you to put others and their needs aside for your own. Which forces you to really address what you want, which can also be terrifying because not everyone knows what they want.


Walking into a party alone might seem like a hard task to some, but it really isn’t. You get to head to the party whenever and not worry about being there on time with your partner. You get to stay ’till the very end of the party, and even head to the after-party, because you’re not worried about taking your partner home because they’ve had enough and can’t go on. Basically what I’m saying is, being single is a good thing, and you should know that. Like really know that. You might also want to watch the movie How to Be Single. It stars Rebel Wilson. You’re welcome.



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