What Do Non-Muslims Living in a Muslim Country Really Think of Muslims?


(source: whatson.ae)

What do non-Muslims living in a Muslim country really think of Muslims? This is what Dubomedy’s video is all about. In an attempt to send out a positive message and to change the silly stereotypical impression about Muslims; comedian, artist and founder of UAE’s Dubomedy, Mina Liccione, made a short video asking 20 non-Muslims of diverse religious and cultural backgrounds about their experience with Muslims.


“As a Christian-American married to a Muslim I was horrified when Trump made headlines stating that Muslims should be banned from entering the USA,” said Liccione when asked why she created the film. “He said a lot of racist and hurtful things and this statement put me over the edge. Rather than getting angry and doing nothing I decided to use my talent and passion for comedy to do something positive.”


Watch the full video here…



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