Sh*t My Arab Mom Says

Our moms, we love them and they love us, sometimes… other times they want to wring us from our neck. When they can’t legally murder us they come at us sideways with crazy phrases, often insulting themselves. Here are 30 crazy things our Arab moms say:




1. I know and if I don’t know wallah I’m going to find out so a7san et7kili min 7ella


ok mom




2. Shu ana khadama fe dar abouk


leo shrug gif




3. …yl3an emak


you played yourself gif




4. 3ayzeen tetghaddo eh enaharda?


i know this is a trap




5. How come you won’t make an add for me on 3ala el Face






6. Kan youm aswad youm khaleftkom


love me




7. Bs ya zift






8. Zay 3matek el kharya


so shady gif




9. Mshallah ijreki tawlaneen ray7a jay


drake call




10. Shayefni 23da 3la bank


bitch fit




11. Yalla oumi 7izi toulak sowi eshi moufeed fe 7ayatak


there's a tv right there




12. Min ra7 yetal3 fe khiltek


drake blank face




13. Clean your room jayeen 3endena douyf


prince side eye gif




14. Ya reit te7faz dorosak zay manta 7afez el aghany w el aflam keda


i dont have a future




15. E3melely zoom 3al Instagram


head couch gif




16. Tb mafeesh boyfriend/girlfriend?






17. Allah yeb3atlek ibn el halal w yewazek w nekhlas minek inshallah


what have i done




18. Ya bint el kalb






19. Bekafi shopping, el khazana malyana


guess what




20. How do I make a share on Snabchat


cool mom




21. Shoft shu ebnak sawa


put your hands on me




22. Lama kont 2adek kont mitjawza w mkhalefa 5


lower your expectaions




23. Lama tejawazi et2akhari zay ma bedik


okay britney gif




24. What do you mean you want to wait to have kids? You’re going to expire soon!


side eye gif




25. Hayda el akel mawjood ahlan w sahlan mesh ajbak inshallah matafa7t


calm down




26. Emshy gatak mashash fe rokabak


you make no sense




27. Tool ma enti picky, hat3anesi


kourtney eating gif




28. Ana marabetsh, ento tarbeyet shaware3


mrs j gif




29. Enta mesh 3ayesh fe hotel


in one ear




30. Mesh hatefla7 tool manta mashy ma3 so7abak el seya3 dool


i don't care but yay




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