How Shereen Reda Is Redefining the Modern Egyptian Woman

CBC Egypt posted a snippet of Shereen Reda’s interview with Lamis El-Hadidy last night, and the video garnered 1.5 million views in less than 24 hours.



The actress is well-known for her pretty face, amazing Instagram posts, and of course, her previous marriage to pop star Amr Diab. In this interview, she proves that she’s more than that — much, much more. “I don’t regret marrying at a young age because it made me who I am, but I wouldn’t recommend it,” Reda tells El-Hadidy.



The notorious TV presenter then asked the 49-year-old star about whether she would want, Nour, Reda’s only daughter, to find a husband — to which she replies with, “I don’t want her to find a husband, I just want her to be happy.


“Marriage is not for everyone, and that’s okay,” Reda continues. “Women do not need to marry nor give birth to children to feel fulfilled.” She then explains to El-Hadidy how she doesn’t want her daughter to put her life and/or career on the side for a man. “Nour studied biology in Egypt, Business in London, and finished her Masters in Marketing. She is also in the process of learning sign language. Do you honestly want her to throw all these years that she spent gaining knowledge and experience in the trash just to become a housewife?”


El-Hadidy then attempts to corner the star, by blaming the way she thinks on her failed marriage with Diab. “The marriage did not ruin me in any way, the concept itself was just not for me — hence why I failed it,” Reda says with a smile on her face.



It’s quite refreshing to see an accomplished woman, who is adored by millions, with a new take on what it means to be a modern Egyptian woman. Reda does not ask other women to be like her, she just simply believes that not all women should take part in the constitution of marriage or baby-making — nor should they be forced into it.


Reda entered the media industry when she started modeling at the age of 11. She then turned into acting in 1989 when she starred in Fawazeer El Fonoon. Ever since then, she has starred in many hit movies — such as Hepta — and TV shows — such as La Totfe2 El Shams. She can also be seen in Yousra and Abu’s latest music video “Talat Da’at.”



WE SAID THIS: We here at Scoop Empire would love to give our new favorite queen, Reda, a round of applause for being true to herself.