Sheikha Mozah’s ‘When She Took To The Sky’ Inspires Arab Girls To Soar in Aviation

Adding a sprinkle of inspiration for females aspiring to become pilots is Her Highness Sheikha Mozah bint Marwan Al Maktoum, who launched her highly anticipated children’s book “When She Took To The Sky.” It’s all about global female pilots and how they managed to take to the sky through a successful career in aviation.

The book was launched on February 3 during the ongoing Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, and it was met with a lot of love from the exciting crowd.

What’s special about the book is that Her Highness herself is actually the first one from her family to become a female pilot. Her book sends out a message to Emirati women that they should follow their dreams without limits.

With 4 major sections in the book, young girls will be exposed to everything, from women’s early attempts at conquering the skies using balloons and other primitive means to how Arab women participate in aviation today.

Her Highness herself expressed how the book’s main message to Arab children and young girls is that the limits of achievement are set by one’s own self-belief and confidence. That means that once they set their mind to it, they can achieve whatever they strive for.

The book’s many success stories, as well as Her Highness’ own, will act as a beacon of inspiration for many young girls across the region.

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