A Week Of Art At AlUla: 5 Exhibitions Celebrating Saudi Desert & Heritage

On February 9, Saudi Arabia’s ancient city of AlUla will transform into a thriving open-air living museum. Its multi-form arts festival is making a comeback with unique and exciting immersive art exhibitions. To get you ready for the event, these are the coolest art displays and exhibitions you cannot miss:

‘More Than Meets The Eye’ Exhibition

The past 25 years will be celebrated in the form of paintings, sculptures, photography, installations, and videos created by local artists. This will be the first time that these pieces will come into the public eye.

Desert X AlUla

Imagine massive art displays interwoven with Saudi’s desert landscape; that’s the very concept of Desert X AlUla. Coming back for a third time, massive art installations will be on display across the AlUla desert, showcasing a new way to experience art.

Obaid Alsafi’s ‘Palms in Eternal Embrace’

Merging technology and nature, Ithra Art Prize winner and Saudi artist Obaid Alsafi will be showcasing his large-scale sculptural installation that has a big focus on endangered palm trees.

He’ll be unveiling his art piece during the festival and it’ll be accompanied by a live performance with a major focus on the conservation of the biological essence of the palm tree.

Manal AlDowayan ‘Oasis of Stories’

After spending time collecting stories and drawings from the inhabitants of AlUla, Saudi artist Manal AlDowayan will be transforming them into her own artwork and presenting them in the ‘Oasis of Stories’ Exhibition.

Hassan Hajjaj Exhibition

Giving audiences a special look into AlUla’s community through the lens of photography, Moroccan artist and photographer Hassan Hajjaj will showcase captivating portraits of the community through an outdoor photographic exhibition.

With the festival ongoing till February 24th, there’s ample time to book flights, tickets, and the works to bear witness to one of the most unique art exhibitions in all of Saudi Arabia.

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