Sharmoofers Take Defying Expectations to the Next Level with Huawei

Mobile giants Huawei’s newest campaign for Nova Plus redefined what it means to defy expectations. With superstar Messi as the face of their campaign, preaching their incredible message, it was no surprise to see Huawei join forces with Sharmoofers to do the same thing.



A video surfaced of Bob and Moe from the unstoppable Sharmoofers answering the question we’ve all been questioning since La La Land, “What kind of person would you be if you haven’t followed your dream?” Their answers will get you to laugh your behind off, but most importantly, they will inspire you to defy expectations.



The ever-so-eclectic Bob of Sharmoofers was caught on video talking about his band partner and what he’d think Moe would be if he wasn’t a drummer. “If Moe didn’t end up being Sharmoofer’s drummer, he’d still be a drummer somewhere. I’ve never seen anyone with such passion about drumming. I’d like to think he would introduce the culture of busking,” Bob explains how Moe was always destined to defy expectations, whether he was in Sharmoofers or not.



Moe, on the other hand, had something else to say about Bob. “He would definitely be a Robabikya guy. But not your everyday one. He’d have more swag to him, you know.”



We soon learn that the videos that took over the interwebz aren’t just any ordinary videos, they were all leading up to their latest music video “El Helm” (meaning dream).



WE SAID THIS: We here at Scoop Empire were definitely inspired not just by the lyrics to El Helm, but by Sharmoofers’ collaboration with Huawei. Were you?