Sharmoofers Epically Diss Aziz Maraka’s Bint El Nas!

Via Red Bull

Step aside, Bushra and Mohamed Ramadan, because Sharmoofers just made the most epic diss track in music history! As six of the region’s finest artists and bands came together last weekend for an exceptional Red Bull Soundclash, one song, in particular, was enough to make our jaws drop!

Last night’s battle was between Egypt’s favorite Sharmoofers and Jordanian heartthrob Aziz Maraka. As I proudly call myself a number one fan of both, I found it hard to pick sides. But even though Maraka exceeded my expectations and aced his performances, Sharmoofers cornered him in round two, known as ‘The Takeover’.

In this round, each artist casually sings his song and then all of a sudden, the other one takes over and sings it in his own way. So, as Maraka sang the fan-favorite Bint El Nas, Sharmoofers surprised him and the crowd with one hell of a diss track!

In the song, Aziz sings to his crush and begs for her attention. As his band’s music fades into the background, the so-called ‘Bint El Nas’ starts addressing him in a Levantine accent telling him that she’s now on Sharmoofers’ team! And, for her to answer him, he needs to plead with the Egyptian band for it! “Msh hatrod aa’lik ya Aziz, olly please (she won’t answer you, Aziz. Tell me ‘please’.),” Bob sang. So, with a lit hip-hop beat and stunning lyrics, the crowd went wild and I can’t blame them for it!


WE SAID THIS:  As soon as this track is officially dropped, I’m adding it to my playlist!