Sharea’ Shabab Al-Shorouk Is Egypt’s Latest Spot for Street Vendors

In an attempt by the state to support the struggling youth, last August Egypt authorized an official venue for every street vendor with a culinary talent. The decision came after multiple sellers had their carts removed due to legalities of starting a business. Sharea’ Misr, located in Masaken Sheraton, turned young youth’s dreams into realities.

Via Share3 Misr-AlShorouk
Via Share3 Misr-AlShorouk

Another venue for street vendors has been announced by government officials and this time it’s in Al-Shorouk City. The city council announced 36 winners in a lottery to start private businesses and what used to be a service road is now Sharea’ Shabab Al-Shorouk،

From homemade juices to burgers and kofta, the street is now a favorite spot for Al-Shorouk residents. Watch the hopeful video below:

بدء التشغيل التجريبي لمشروع شباب الشروق

بدء التشغيل التجريبي لمشروع شباب الشروقبرنامج صباح الورد | #TeNTV

Posted by TeN TV on Monday, January 8, 2018

 WE SAID THIS: We can’t wait to head there and try every and each cart!