Shady Srour Has a New Eid Movie and We Hope It Doesn’t Sink Like the Titanic

Via Shady Srour


Last year, Egypt’s biggest YouTuber and influencer, Shady Srour, embarked on an adventure that did not have a happy ending. The social media star decided to take the lead role in the YouTube movie ‘Titanic’ alongside Egyptian actress Boushra.


The reviews were bad. Like really bad. Although it was the first time an Eid movie was brought to the Internet, no one felt anything for the movie but disappointment. To be honest, we felt for the star, it was only his first role after all and isn’t it okay to try and fail?


Apparently, Shady Srour is not a man to be brought down by negative social media comments and he is going at it again. This year, the man is taking his humongous fan base on another YouTube adventure with this year’s movie ‘Asad’.


Via Shady Srour


This was yet another unexpected surprise by Srour. His loyal fans are already showing support and it is obvious they believe in him, yet some comments weren’t that encouraging. But haters gotta hate, right?




WE SAID THIS: Good luck Shady.