Sculpting A New Narrative: Jan Ernst Teams Up With Kahhal1871 For Upcoming Collab

Known for innovative clay and plaster sculptures inspired by life, birth and nature, South African designer Jan Ernst is taking a dive into the world of handmade carpets through an exciting collaboration. He will be partnering up with Kahhal1871, the oldest manufacturers of handmade carpets in Egypt. Since 1871, they have been creating hand knotted, flat weave and hand tufted rugs and in the process, preserving the tradition of Egyptian carpet making. In the special collaboration between the two entities, Ernst will be designing a capsule collection that will consist of four rugs made using different handcrafted methods.

This is an exciting collaboration as both entities are known to be unique forces in their fields with Kahhal1871 constantly taking part in international exhibitions including Milan Design Week while Ernst’s work continues to get featured in prominent magazines including Elle Decoration and Architectural Digest España. When it comes to their project “Jan X Kahhal 1871”, the collection is still in the development process but it will be unveiled soon.

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