Why You Should Just Say No To Cocaine


Cocaine, known as the caviar of street drugs or nose candy, is as common as high heels in the Egyptian party scene these days. Drug users who once shied away in the privacy of the toilet cubicles are now bluntly snorting lines in front of everyone in bathrooms and house parties.

The tropane alkaloid derived from the coca plant is a powerful nervous system stimulant that wears off after 30 minutes to two hours. Smoked, injected or snorted, the drug quickly reaches the brain through the bloodstream.

Cocaine stimulates the pleasure sensors in the brain, which leads to euphoria described as having an increased sense of energy, alertness, enthusiastic speech and an illusion of supremacy and sexuality. On the other hand, some people describe accompanying effects as irritability, paranoia, restlessness and anxiety during the comedown.

You might have come across numerous studies condemning the drug use and felt safe from addiction, but this is not the only concern when it comes to cocaine. These images will give you a real insight on what is going on inside your body every time you snort a line – other than the possibility of drug dependence. Side effects vary according to the dose and usage frequency.



Dilatation of pupils


giphy (1)puupil



Constriction of blood vessels and hypertension


hypertension bl vess constrct



Accelerated heart rate


heart beat








Abdominal pain, decreased appetite and nausea, which may lead to malnourishment


vomit no appetite



Regular snorting leads to persistent runny nose, nose bleeds, nasal perforation, loss of sense of smell and lung damage


nose bleed



Difficulty swallowing





Anxiety, violent behavior, restlessness and seizures





Cocaine abuse may lead to severe paranoia and hallucinations





Stomach and intestine ulcers, gangrene and kidney failure





Brain stroke





Heart failure and stroke


attack 2



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