Saudi Rapper Moayed’s New Album Delivers A Fusion Of Tradition And Modernity

Moayad Alnefaie is nothing like your average rapper. Career shifting from medicine, comedy, acting, to rapping, the artist unapologetically followed where his passion took him; his new album “Batn El Shaer” which translates literally to “The Belly of the Poet”. The album is a marriage of classical Arabic poetry with a modern take.

In the interlude he explains how he used to play a rhyming game with his late grandmother that was both fun and educational; adding to his ability to make an effective verbal comeback and adding to his rapping credentials early on in life.

Through his love for poetry, the combination of Arab tunes and smooth classical lyrics dotted with colloquial words make for easy-listening tracks.

Featuring other artists from the rest of the Arab world and the familiar references used also makes this album easier to enjoy.

Via YouTube

This interspersing between the traditional and new makes for a special musical experience that will bring a smile to your face with the occasional wordplay and joke within the lyrics of this Riyadh-born rapper.

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