Saudi Embraces 2020 and Here Are 10 Ways to Enjoy it This Jan!

Saudi Arabia ended 2019 with a blast; the country has opened to the world in a way like never before. Now more than ever, tourists can travel to The Kingdom without any complications and experience the beauty of the leading Gulf nation.

The Saudis carried the same momentum into 2020, with a plethora of events taking place throughout January. So here are 10 things you could do in Saudi during the first month of 2020.

Jeddah Festival

The first edition of the Jeddah Festival kicks off on the 2nd and goes on until the 4th of January with an aim to create an entertainment environment that would cater to audiences of all ages.

The festival is going to include numerous shops, food trucks, iconic car demonstrations, live musical acts, and more.

International Town Festival

Starting on Monday, the 27th of January, the International Town Festival is coming to Riyadh with a cultural experience like no other. The event will carry on to the 2nd of February, bringing the people of the capital cuisines, cultural dance performances, art galleries, as well as traditional folklore shows from all over the world.

Dakar Rally

On the 5th of January, the most challenging motorsport of all time is coming to the kingdom with expert drivers and their modified cars, trucks, quads, SxS, and motorbikes to test their skills in the daring deserts of Saudi.

For decades now, the Dakar Rally has been all over the forests of South America as well as the endless African landscapes, but never have the organizers planned for the race to take place outside these two continents.

Riyadh Oud Festival

This year’s Riyadh Oud Festival is set to celebrate one of the most mellifluous oriental instruments in the Arab world. The festival will include galleries showcasing the history of the Oud as well as talks from renowned Oud makers from all over the region.

The event starts this Saturday, 4th of January, and will have live performances by artists Carole Samaha, Marwan Khoury, Yara, and Fares Karam on Abu Baker Salem Stage in Riyadh Boulevard

Riyadh Winter Wonderland

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As part of the Riyadh Season, Riyadh Winter Wonderland kicked off on the 11th of October and will continue until the 18th of January with more than 20 events and 42 different games and activities; the event has something for everyone.

Furthermore, Winter Wonderland Riyadh will feature an exhibition on the famous Spanish football club Real Madrid, with a virtual stadium as well as memorabilia such as prizes, titles, and clothes.

International Petroleum and Technology Conference

The International Petroleum and Technology Conference (ICTP) is one of the will take place between the 13th and 15th of January. The conference aims to further advance the science and knowledge of the exploration, development, production, transportation, and processing of oil and natural gas and rotates between the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions.

Art Alley Festival

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On Monday, the 5th of January, a group of daring artists are planning to transform the front view of several buildings in KAFD into a gigantic screen and then view a myriad of events and cinematic scenes from the Riyadh Season.

Furthermore, a number of other activities such as a cinematic bazaar, red carpet, and an honoring ceremony for Saudi artists are set to take place.

Al Ula Balloon Festival

A city as old as time itself, Al-Ula, north of the Arabian Peninsula, is a meeting point of different, ancient civilizations, an archaeological hot spot. Some scholars even go further, considering it ‘the archaeological jewel of the Kingdom’; it is perhaps one of the lesser-known destinations of Saudi Arabia that shows its historical depth. The government has recently decided to revamp the area and show the heritage of the Kingdom to the world.

As part of this effort, Al-Ula Balloon Festival starts on the 2nd of January and will continue to the 11th. Now, Saudis and tourists alike can enjoy the beauty of this heritage-rich region of Saudi from a bird-eye’s view.

Saudi Theater

For the past couple of months, Riyadh Season has been taking Saudi Arabia by storm, putting the capital city on the map as one of the leading entertainment hubs in the region. In the light of this cultural opening, Saudi theater is making a debut with plays such as Antar Al Mufaltar, Ya Tseeb Ya Tkheeb, Altheeb Fe Algleeb, and Aladdin.

Wadina Festival on Heritage and Originality

Throughout a period of two weeks, the Wadina Festival on Heritage and Originality is set to introduce a part of Saudi culture still unknown to the world. The festival begins on Thursday, the 5th of January, and will continue to Thursday, the 16th of the same month.

The festival will include horse racing, poetry nights, heritage seminars, and traditional products created by Saudi artisans.

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